A short 60-page booklet titled, “Can I Find My Way Back To God” is available starting today! This is the first in a series of tools surrounding our new book, Finding Your Way Back To God. This booklet is designed to introduce the topic of finding your way back to God. This booklet can be bought inexpensively as a ten-pack and given away to friends, small groups or to newcomers at your church.  You have all kinds of people close to you and that show up every week at your church that believe God exists, but struggle to connect with him. Or they live with the feeling that God has forgotten them. We all have something deep inside us that longs for a connection with God. It’s a part of being human. By sharing this booklet you can help people take the first step toward a life changing spiritual awakening, from confusion to purpose, from regret to love, and from distance to closeness with God. Once people read this booklet they will want to go further with the complete book Finding Your Way Back To God: Five Awakenings to Your New Life.