At Community, we are in the second week of a new Big Idea Series, titled “A Questionable Life.” While preparing for one of the talks in this series, I ran across an article in the Huffington Post, and the writer mentioned that she had just started going to a church where they were in a series called, “A Questionable Life.”
She wrote: “Living a questionable life means making people turn their heads and wonder. They have to actually think and reflect on why you act the way you do, because it’s not what is expected, or easy, or typical. We all know someone like this.
  • The person who goes out of their way to do good for others.
  • The person who is always there to help and never asks for or expects favors in return.
  • The person who forgives endlessly and inspires others to do the same.
These people make you think. They cause you to turn your head and wonder.”
Let this question mess with you and maybe even haunt you a little bit today: “Are you living a questionable life?”
  • Is there anything about how you live, give, love or forgive that would cause people to wonder?
  • Is there anything about how you show compassion or go out of your way to protect the oppressed or seek to lift up the down and out that would make someone pause and think for a moment?
  • Is there anything about who you spend time or how you act or where you go that would cause people to ask questions?
Are you living a questionable life?