Even though the official release date is February 24th, a few people have started reading Dave‘s and my new book “Finding Your Way Back to God.” I was so encouraged by this email I received earlier this week . . .
“Thank you again for the book. I’ve started reading and already had an “aha” moment. I realize that the destructive cycle I’m currently in is really just me being lost. On page 28 when you say “If you have the feeling that you are chasing something that will never fully satisfy, pay attention to that feeling. It’s from God”, that really resonates with me.
I can relate to Jake. Though alcohol and drugs are not my vices, food can be. Especially since my divorce I have neglected my health and wellness. I’ve been struggling with binge eating to squash my feelings of loneliness. (Wow can’t believe I’m writing this/spilling my beans). But I realize that I’m filling my void with the wrong thing.  I know that doing so will never fully satisfy me, yet I keep doing it.
I know my divorce has been Gods way of getting my attention, but now as I seek happiness in this new chapter I realize that I won’t find it if I don’t give God control. I walk around all day with a smile on my face and pep in my step, but the truth is that is the opposite of how I feel on the inside. But I’m ready for this journey. I’m ready for God to awaken me. I know He is what is missing in my life.
Thank you again. Only on page 30 and my mind is blown!”