What Emily shares below in just a few lines captures the essence of why Dave and I wrote “Finding Your Way Back To God.” If you are tired of religion and looking for a relationship or know someone who is longing for that as well, pick up a copy of our new book and take advantage of the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” Offer, while it’s still in effect.

I found my way back to God 7 years ago and my life has drastically changed in AMAZING ways! I no longer suffer from anxiety, I have replaced shame and guilt with grace and mercy and I no longer long for acceptance knowing I am accepted and loved right where I am. I by no means live a life of perfection but I do live a life of purpose. It’s not about my religion it’s about my relationship. If you are looking for the same click on this link and check out the book Finding Your Way Back To God written by Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson who started our church and forever changed my life!!