For as long as I can remember, at Community, we’ve always started our meetings with the question, “Where are we winning?”  Here are 5 reasons why:
#1 – “Where are we winning?” gets the meeting started on a positive note. Let’s face it, many meetings can get off to a tough start when we immediately dive into problem-solving or project management mode. Asking, “Where are we winning?” gives even the most challenging meetings a fighting chance for a positive start and end.
#2 – “Where are we winning?” reminds us of where God is at work and the progress we are making on a multiple fronts. If you live in the future, and love to think about the next hill to climb or the next vision to cast, this gives you and your team members a chance to relish in the good stuff God is already doing around you before you take your next step forward.
#3 – “Where are we winning?” gives everyone a chance to share something for which they are thankful or celebrating. We encourage everyone to share something that they are celebrating. It’s easy for people to clam up and be quiet in meetings, especially if they don’t tend to be vocal types anyway. Asking everyone to share something positive gets everybody in the mix right away.
#4 – “Where are we winning?” loosens people up before you dig into some challenging conversation or hard work. I have found this to be true, especially with early morning meetings. The last thing you want to do is dive into a difficult conversation to start your day. Give people a chance to warm up a little first, and begin with a little celebration.
#5 – “Where are we winning?” tells you what your people value.  You celebrate what’s important to you. Listen closely to what your people are celebrating or where they say they are winning. It will tell you a lot about what they think is important.